IRobot Pauses Launch Of Its Terra Robotic Lawn Mower

2020-07-07 05:52:11

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iRobot will no longer launch the Terra robot lawn mower in 2020.


iRobot has suspended plans to launch its Terra robot lawn mower. Citing the market impact of the coronavirus, a company spokesman told CNET that iRobot will "increase focus on its core business." The company had planned for the Terra mower to debut this year in the US.

The Terra would have been a significant move for iRobot, which made a name for itself as the pioneer of robot vacuum cleaners, a product category near synonymous with its Roomba brand. 

iRobot did point out that it isn't abandoning the notion of robot lawn mowers entirely, at least not yet. The company said it will "reassess options for launching it when the time is right."

Perhaps one day a Roomba-like lawn mower built by iRobot will become a reality. Until then, you'll have to consider options from Worx, Husqvarna and Robomo. Or just mow your own lawn, you've probably got plenty of time on your hands.

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